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Do You Need to Pay for Anti-virus Protection?

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You’re probably asking yourself…do I need to pay for anti-virus protection?

The answer is: Not necessarily.

First, let’s talk about what anti-virus software does.

What Is Anti-virus Software?

Anti-virus programs are installed on a computer and used to identify, isolate and remove malicious files.

These files find their way on to your computer in many different ways.

  • They can be injected into otherwise harmless software
  • They can be downloaded accidentally
  • They can inject themselves onto your machine after you visit an infected website

Having an anti-virus program installed is a necessity for the security of your machine.

Are Paid Anti-virus Programs Better Than Free Programs?

Not necessarily.

One of the main differences between paid and free anti-virus programs is how they identify infections.

Free anti-virus programs work by scanning your computer for files with signatures that are known to be malicious.

Paid anti-virus programs scan for signatures but they can also scan your computer for files with suspicious behavior. Paid programs also typically come with more options, such as advanced firewall settings and technical support.

For users that consider themselves computer savvy, a free anti-virus program will work just fine.

These users should consider themselves capable of common security practices, such as not opening suspicious attachments or clicking on suspicious links.

For users that want a little more peace of mind, a paid program will suit their needs.

Which Anti-virus Programs Do You Recommend?

Windows 10 users have a built-in anti-virus software called Windows Defender, which is a reliable anti-virus program.

In addition to an anti-virus program, you can also install a program called Malware Bytes. This program scans your computer for malware, spyware, and rootkit infections, which are a bit different than viruses.

If you’d like to take extra precaution with paid antivirus support, we recommend Bitdefender Internet Security.


Do you have a question about which anti-virus program is right for you or are you in need of virus removal? Give us a call today!

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