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Are You Updating Your Computer?

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Do you make a habit of updating the operating system and/or software on your computer? You should!

Why Software Updates Are Essential

You may have heard about the worldwide ransomware attack a few years ago that affected tens of thousands of computers in over 100 countries.

The attackers exploited a flaw in Windows software that was patched with a security update in March, however, computers that were not updated were still vulnerable and thus became compromised.

Outdated systems are prime targets for malware and other malicious infections

Criminals are constantly looking for holes in computer software that they can exploit to steal personal information or take control of a machine.

Thankfully, software developers are also constantly looking for and patching holes in their programs to keep their users safe.

However, these patches do no good if they are never implemented.

How To Check for Computer Updates

Something as simple as checking for updates once a week could spare you a lot of trouble down the road.

We have written a detailed guide for updating your computer, which you can read here.

If you want help installing your system updates, please give us a call!

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