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Happy International Data Privacy Day!

What is International Privacy Day? International Data Privacy Day (yes, it’s a thing!) is observed on January 28th. The awareness campaign is led by the

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How Do I Update My Computer?

How do I update my computer? We have talked about the importance of updating your computer. Outdated computer systems are prime targets for criminals who want

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The Password Series: Part 1

Why do I have to use a password? Passwords are on the same level of importance as your car keys, your bank card, or your

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Do You Need to Pay for Anti-virus Protection?

You’re probably asking yourself…do I need to pay for anti-virus protection? The answer is: Not necessarily. First, let’s talk about what anti-virus software does. What

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Is Your Computer Data Secure?

In this age of computers and the Internet, our personal information is more accessible now than ever before. It is vital to take the appropriate

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Does Your Computer Need A Tune-up?

So you’ve had your computer for a while and one day you notice it isn’t running as well as it used to. Perhaps your programs

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Are You Updating Your Computer?

Do you make a habit of updating the operating system and/or software on your computer? You should! Why Software Updates Are Essential You may have

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Inappropriate YouTube Videos Target Your Children

Recently there has been a renewed discussion about inappropriate YouTube videos that have been injected into children’s content on the platform. This inappropriate material often contains lewd