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Choose Your Package

Choose one of our three pricing plans for your business. Our 24-month affordable pricing plan is available for all packages, but you can also pay upfront.

Sign Up In Minutes

Unlike other site design businesses, our sign-up process is fast. First, you sign your contract, then you submit your billing, and you're ready to start filling out your information about your company.

Submit Company Info

On this form, you'll tell us everything we need to know to make your website. This form takes a few minutes to fill out, but it eliminates emails and calls requesting details and photos. Our process is meant to be efficient and stress-free for you.

Project Development

This is where the magic happens! You can sit back and relax with a cup of tea, coffee, or whiskey, whatever you like best. Depending on the package you choose, our team will have your first development done and ready for you to look over in one to three weeks.

Revise Your Project

Now comes the fun part! Where you can look at your website and be amazed at how clean and professional it is going to look online. Here you can give us any feedback you'd like.

Launch Your Website

Your website is now finished, polished, and ready to go. At this point, we will point your domain to our servers and put your website on the world wide web.

Our Expert Team
will grow your brand

Over the years, we’ve helped a lot of small businesses by giving them digital marketing tools that are better than those of their competitors. We know a lot about websites and online marketing, and for each client we make a unique plan to help them reach their goals.

Our team of experts will work hard with you every step of the way to meet all of your digital marketing needs and give you good advice on how to keep growing your small business in the future.

Quality Websites with Budget-Friendly Pricing


Building a website can be time-consuming and demanding. We attempt to make the process as hands-free as feasible for you. Our experts will take over after you complete our brief company questionnaire. We’ll utilize your information to design a beautiful website that appropriately represents your brand and highlights your business.

All you have to do is sit back and let us handle it. We make website building easy so you can focus on operating your business. Your online presence is safe with Ferguson Computers.

Fast & Easy

We want to make the process hands-free, fast, and easy. We know you need to launch your website quickly, so we’ve optimized our method. You can expect fast turnaround and a stress-free experience.

Our experts will launch your website in four weeks after we receive your company information so new consumers can start finding you and you can grow your business. Ferguson Computers provides peace of mind that your website is in good hands without compromising quality.

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