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Project Snapshot

Fordyce Consulting is a new startup that specializes in providing comprehensive marketing strategy services to small businesses. As a new player in the industry, they recognized the need for a professional website that would showcase their expertise and attract potential clients. In addition, they wanted to create a customer portal to provide easy access to resources, enable personal information updates, offer chat support, and provide a knowledge base.

Our Solution

One of the main pain points for Fordyce Consulting was the lack of an online presence that reflected their level of professionalism and expertise. They understood that a well-designed and informative website would be crucial in establishing credibility and attracting potential clients. We worked closely with the Fordyce Consulting team to create a visually appealing website that showcased their services and highlighted their unique value proposition. The website incorporated modern design elements, clear messaging, and engaging content to effectively communicate their expertise in marketing strategy for small businesses.

The implementation of the new website and customer portal yielded significant results for Fordyce Consulting. The professional website design improved their brand image and credibility, positioning them as a reputable marketing strategy provider for small businesses. The website became an effective lead generation tool, attracting potential clients and driving inquiries through the contact forms and call-to-action prompts strategically placed throughout the site.

The customer portal had a positive impact on client satisfaction and engagement. By providing easy access to downloadable resources, personalized information updates, and chat support, Fordyce Consulting improved the overall client experience. The portal became a valuable resource hub, empowering clients with self-service options and enhancing communication with the consulting team. This resulted in improved client retention and increased referrals, as clients appreciated the convenience and support provided through the portal.

Overall, the new website and customer portal have positioned Fordyce Consulting as a professional and customer-centric marketing strategy provider for small businesses. The website effectively communicates their expertise, attracting potential clients and driving business inquiries. The customer portal has streamlined communication and support, enhancing client satisfaction and engagement. With these digital tools in place, Fordyce Consulting is well-equipped to continue their growth and success in assisting small businesses with their marketing strategies.

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