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Ride to Ride Out Breast Cancer

Project Snapshot

Ride to Ride Out Breast Cancer is a local nonprofit dedicated to providing support and resources to individuals battling breast cancer. With a mission to offer financial assistance, emotional support, and educational resources, the organization plays a crucial role in the lives of many within the community. To further their impact, they also host a weekly raffle event called “Queen of Hearts” to raise funds for their cause.

Despite their significant community impact, Ride to Ride Out Breast Cancer lacked an online presence to effectively communicate their mission and streamline their fundraising efforts. They needed a website that would not only showcase their work and mission but also provide a platform for selling tickets to their weekly raffle, Queen of Hearts. The challenge was to create a user-friendly, informative, and secure website that could support both these needs.

Our Solution

Our collaboration with Ride to Ride Out Breast Cancer began with a thorough understanding of their goals, target audience, and specific requirements for the website. The primary objectives were to:

  1. Design a visually appealing and informative website that effectively communicates the nonprofit’s mission and impact.
  2. Provide a secure and user-friendly platform for selling raffle tickets online.
  3. Ensure the website is easy to navigate and accessible to all users.

Website Features:

  1. Mission and Impact Section: We created a dedicated section that highlights the nonprofit’s mission, the services they provide, and the impact they’ve made on the community. This section includes heartwarming stories of individuals who have benefited from their support, reinforcing the organization’s commitment to its cause.
  2. Queen of Hearts Raffle: To support their fundraising efforts, we developed a secure and user-friendly online ticketing system for the weekly Queen of Hearts raffle. This feature allows visitors to purchase raffle tickets directly from the website, with clear instructions on how to participate and the rules of the game.
  3. Resources and Support: We included a comprehensive resources section where visitors can find information on available support services, educational materials, and links to external resources related to breast cancer.
  4. Events Calendar: An events calendar was integrated into the website to keep the community informed about upcoming events, support group meetings, and other activities organized by the nonprofit.
  5. Donation and Volunteer Opportunities: We added dedicated pages for donations and volunteer sign-ups, providing multiple ways for visitors to contribute to the cause.

Results: The launch of the new website for Ride to Ride Out Breast Cancer significantly enhanced their online presence and operational efficiency. The user-friendly design and informative content effectively communicated the nonprofit’s mission and impact, engaging visitors and encouraging them to get involved.

The online ticketing system for the Queen of Hearts raffle streamlined their fundraising efforts, resulting in increased ticket sales and greater participation in the weekly raffle. The secure platform ensured that all transactions were safe and protected, building trust with their supporters.

Since the launch, Ride to Ride Out Breast Cancer has experienced increased visibility, engagement, and support from the community. The website has become a central hub for information, resources, and fundraising, helping the organization further its mission and reach more individuals in need.

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