Happy International Data Privacy Day!

What is International Privacy Day? International Data Privacy Day (yes, it’s a thing!) is observed on January 28th. The awareness campaign is led by the National Cyber Security Alliance in an effort to bring awareness to data privacy and to encourage both consumers and businesses to be mindful of the security of their digital data. … Read more

How Do I Update My Computer?

How do I update my computer? We have talked about the importance of updating your computer. Outdated computer systems are prime targets for criminals who want to inject your computer with malware and other malicious infections in hopes of stealing your personal data. Security holes in outdated software are found and exploited by these people and … Read more

The Password Series: Part 1

Why do I have to use a password? Passwords are on the same level of importance as your car keys, your bank card, or your I.D. Let’s identify some things that these objects have in common. Let’s pretend your online account is actually your house and your password is your house key. Without a lock … Read more

Do You Need to Pay for Anti-virus Protection?

You’re probably asking yourself…do I need to pay for anti-virus protection? The answer is: Not necessarily. First, let’s talk about what anti-virus software does. What Is Anti-virus Software? Anti-virus programs are installed on a computer and used to identify, isolate and remove malicious files. These files find their way on to your computer in many … Read more

Is Your Computer Data Secure?

In this age of computers and the Internet, our personal information is more accessible now than ever before. It is vital to take the appropriate measures to secure your data to prevent incidents of loss or compromise. Four Easy Steps to Secure Your Data 1. Back Up Your Data Regularly One of the most simple … Read more