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Richardson Electric Services


Richardson Electric Services, LLC, a reputable electrical services provider, approached us with the goal of revitalizing their existing logo. They wanted a modernized design that would breathe new life into their brand while retaining elements that their customers recognized and trusted.


  1. Outdated Visual Identity: The existing 2D logo no longer reflected the company’s growth and modern capabilities. It needed a fresh look to stay relevant in a competitive market.
  2. Maintaining Brand Recognition: It was crucial to preserve certain elements of the original logo to ensure continuity and maintain the strong recognition the brand had built over the years.
Richardson Electric Services Old LogoRichardson Electric Services New Logo


To address these needs, we initiated a design process focused on modernizing the logo while retaining key elements that conveyed the company’s long-standing reputation for reliability and quality.

The refreshed logo maintains the core elements of the original design but introduces a sleek, 3D effect to give it a contemporary feel. The updated color palette includes vibrant, electric blues and sharp, metallic grays, symbolizing energy and precision. The typography was refined to be bolder and more legible, further enhancing the logo’s modern look.


The modernized logo successfully revitalized Richardson Electric Services’ visual identity. It preserved the familiarity and trust associated with the original design while showcasing the company’s commitment to innovation and excellence. The new logo has been positively received by both long-term clients and new customers, strengthening the company’s brand presence in the market.

This case study highlights the impact of a thoughtful logo modernization in keeping a brand current and competitive. It demonstrates how strategic updates can enhance a brand’s visual identity, ensuring it remains relevant while preserving its core elements and values.

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