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American Legion Post 157

Project Snapshot

American Legion, Post 157, a local organization dedicated to serving veterans and their families, faced challenges with their existing website. Despite having a website in place, they were dissatisfied with the design and lacked the ability to make edits and updates. Recognizing the importance of an accessible and user-friendly online platform to engage with their community, they approached us to create a new website that would better meet their needs.

Before the website redesign, American Legion, Post 157’s existing website was outdated and lacked functionality. The design did not accurately reflect the organization’s values and mission, and the lack of access to make changes hindered their ability to keep the website up-to-date. The challenge was to create a new website that would be visually appealing, easy to navigate, and provide the organization with the ability to make edits and updates as needed.

Our Solution

Our collaboration with American Legion, Post 157 began with a thorough understanding of their organization’s goals, values, and target audience. The primary objective was to create a website that accurately represented their mission of supporting veterans and their families while providing a simple and clean design that would be easy for visitors to navigate.

The updated website for American Legion, Post 157 featured a modern and streamlined design that aligned with the organization’s values and mission. We implemented a user-friendly content management system that allowed the organization to easily make edits and updates to the website without requiring technical expertise. This empowered them to keep their community informed about upcoming events, news, and initiatives.

Key features of the website included an event calendar that highlighted upcoming activities and gatherings hosted by American Legion, Post 157. This calendar served as a valuable resource for members and the community to stay informed about events such as fundraisers, community service projects, and social gatherings.

The impact of the website redesign for American Legion, Post 157 was significant. The new website accurately represented the organization’s values and mission while providing a user-friendly platform for members and the community to engage with. The ability to make edits and updates empowered the organization to keep their website current and relevant, enhancing communication with their community.

Since the launch of the updated website, American Legion, Post 157 has experienced increased engagement from members and the community. The event calendar has been particularly well-received, serving as a central hub for information about upcoming events and activities. The website has become an essential tool for American Legion, Post 157, helping them strengthen their connection with their community and fulfill their mission of supporting veterans and their families.

In conclusion, the website redesign for American Legion, Post 157 successfully addressed the challenges they faced with their existing website. The new website provided a simple and clean design, along with an event calendar that enhanced communication and engagement with their community. With a modern and accessible online platform in place, American Legion, Post 157 is well-positioned to continue serving veterans and their families for years to come.

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