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Bullitt County Chamber of Commerce

Project Snapshot

The local chamber of commerce had been struggling with an outdated website that was hindering their ability to engage with members and attract new ones. Their existing website was difficult to navigate, lacked visual appeal, and was not optimized for search engines. Additionally, their website did not integrate with their association software, which made it challenging to manage member data and track payments.

Before and After

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Our Solution

To address these challenges, the chamber approached our team for a website redesign. Our team worked closely with the chamber to understand their needs and goals, as well as the challenges they were facing with their existing website. We conducted extensive research on their target audience, competitors, and industry trends to develop a comprehensive strategy for the new website.

The first step was to design a modern, responsive website that was visually appealing and easy to navigate. Our team created a user-friendly layout that showcased the chamber’s services and resources while making it easy for members to connect and engage with the organization. We also optimized the website with relevant keywords and meta tags to improve its search engine ranking, which would make it easier for potential members to find the chamber’s website.

To address the chamber’s need for integration with their association software, we worked closely with the software provider to develop a seamless integration that would make it easy for the chamber to manage member data and track payments. This integration streamlined the chamber’s operations and made it easier to manage member data and events.

The new website included several features that improved the chamber’s ability to engage with members and promote their services. For example, we included a member directory, event calendar, and online payment options, which made it easier for members to connect and stay informed. The website also featured a blog section that included relevant industry news, member profiles, and educational resources.

As a result of the redesign, the chamber saw a significant increase in website traffic and member engagement. The new website became a valuable tool for attracting new members and promoting the chamber’s events and resources. Members appreciated the new, user-friendly design and the ease with which they could access important resources and stay informed about upcoming events.

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