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Kentucky Clutch is a clutch repair shop and retail store based in Brooks, KY. When they approached us, their website was outdated with broken functionality and they were investing money into PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising with no way to capture and convert leads. We worked hand-in-hand with our PPC partner to determine that Kentucky Clutch was in need of a modern website design, as well as landing pages with forms that could capture and convert their PPC traffic.

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Our Solution

In order to make sure visitors found it easy and efficient to make appointments on the website, we implemented a prompt for visitors on the homepage which asked them if they’d like to make an appointment or call the shop directly. We also built a responsive website that adapts well on all devices including mobile and tablet. This made it easier for users to browse through products quickly on any device, as well as make bookings more conveniently.

To ensure continuity between all elements of the design, we developed custom branding templates, icons, illustrations, logos, imagery, and color palettes which were then used across the site. The typography was kept consistent throughout the entire site which gave it a polished look that established reliability and trustworthiness among visitors.

We also created intuitive navigation menus containing concise categories so users can find what they are looking for quickly and easily – giving them access to information about services and products that Kentucky Clutch offers. All calls-to-action (CTAs) were designed carefully to encourage people to take action such as contacting customer service or submitting an online form.

Finally, we optimized all pages for search engine visibility by ensuring every page had unique meta titles and descriptions which included relevant keywords related to services offered by Kentucky Clutch. This improved overall rankings in search engine rankings which enabled more potential customers searching for clutch repair shops in Brooks find them easily when searching online!

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