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Kentucky Eye Care

Project Snapshot

Kentucky Eye Care is an ophthalmology and optometry group based in Louisville, KY and the surrounding regions. Founded in 1895, they have been providing excellent care for 126 years. As part of their ongoing commitment to their customers, Kentucky Eye Care wanted to redesign their website with a focus on making it easier for patients to make appointments online.

Our Solution

To meet this goal, our team crafted a modern design that highlighted key areas such as making appointments and educating customers on the services offered by Kentucky Eye Care. The homepage featured a call-to-action button that invited visitors to make an appointment or call for more information. This was complemented by a clear navigation bar at the top of the page that was designed with easy access to all information related to patient visits, services offered by the group, insurance information, and contact details.

The site also included educational articles written by the staff at Kentucky Eye Care which contained detailed information on eye health topics along with helpful tips and advice. Additionally, we implemented specific sections dedicated solely to ophthalmology and optometry services so that customers could easily find and access relevant information related to each service.

In order to ensure maximum engagement among visitors, we incorporated visuals into the design of the website as well as interactive elements such as quizzes and polls which could be used to collect valuable feedback from customers. We also integrated social media buttons throughout the page so that patients could quickly connect with Kentucky Eye Care on their favorite platforms. Last but not least, we made sure that security protocols were in place in order to protect customer data from any potential threats or breaches of security.

Overall, our team successfully redesigned the website for Kentucky Eye Care within their desired timeframe. Our work resulted in increased engagement among visitors due to streamlined navigation pathways and user friendly features such as interactive elements embedded on each page along with social media integration features. Visitors now have an opportunity to engage more deeply with Kentucky Eye Care’s content while enjoying a secure experience when browsing through their website’s pages.

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