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Project Snapshot

Options Unlimited is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing services and resources for individuals with disabilities. The organization recognized the need for an updated website that would better represent their brand and showcase the many services and resources they offer. To achieve this goal, they sought the expertise of Ferguson Computers, a digital marketing agency.

Our Solution

Ferguson Computers recognized the importance of creating a comprehensive and cohesive brand identity for Options Unlimited. In addition to creating a visually appealing and user-friendly website, the agency also developed a new logo that better represented the organization’s mission and values.

The new website developed by Ferguson Computers included detailed information about Options Unlimited’s services, programs, and events. It also featured a user-friendly donation portal that allowed individuals to contribute to the organization quickly and easily. The website’s intuitive design and easy-to-navigate layout made it simple for individuals to learn more about the organization and donate to its cause.

To ensure the website was optimized for search engines, the agency’s SEO team conducted in-depth keyword research and implemented best practices for on-page optimization.

In addition to the website, the agency also created a new logo for Options Unlimited. The logo was designed to reflect the organization’s mission and values, with a focus on inclusivity and community. The new logo was integrated into the website’s design and used across all of the organization’s marketing materials.

As a result of the website overhaul and new logo design by Ferguson Computers, Options Unlimited was able to showcase their services and resources in a more professional and user-friendly way. The new brand identity provided a strong foundation for the organization to grow and continue providing critical services to the disabled community. The improved user experience and cohesive branding led to an increase in traffic, engagement, and donations.

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