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Project Snapshot

Fordyce Consulting is a new startup that specializes in providing comprehensive marketing strategy services to small businesses. As a new player in the industry, they recognized the need for a professional website that would showcase their expertise and attract potential clients. In addition, they wanted to create a customer portal to provide easy access to resources, enable personal information updates, offer chat support, and provide a knowledge base.

The Problem

The existing website did not align with White Oak Homes’ reputation for crafting exquisite, contemporary residences. It lacked the visual appeal and informative content necessary to captivate potential clients seeking exceptional, modern homes. To address this, we collaborated closely with the White Oak Homes team to design a new website that would not only showcase their portfolio of high-end properties but also provide a seamless user experience. The updated website features a clean, modern design with high-resolution imagery that beautifully captures the craftsmanship and attention to detail that defines their homes.

Furthermore, White Oak Homes was keen on presenting a clear and transparent process for prospective clients. They wanted visitors to the site to understand, step-by-step, what it entails to work with them. We incorporated an interactive process timeline on the website that outlines the journey from initial consultation to project completion. This detailed roadmap provides a comprehensive overview, setting clear expectations for potential clients and fostering trust in the White Oak Homes team’s expertise.

The impact of the website overhaul for White Oak Homes has been transformative. The new website effectively communicates the company’s commitment to delivering high-end, modern homes of exceptional quality. The refined visual presentation and intuitive navigation have significantly increased user engagement, with visitors spending more time exploring the portfolio and learning about the White Oak Homes experience.

The addition of the process timeline has proven to be instrumental in guiding potential clients through the steps involved in working with White Oak Homes. This transparency has not only streamlined client inquiries but has also led to a higher conversion rate, as clients have a clear understanding of what to expect throughout the building process.

In conclusion, the revamped website has positioned White Oak Homes as a leader in the local market for high-end, modern home construction. The website’s refined design and comprehensive process overview have significantly enhanced user experience and generated increased interest in their services. By showcasing their professionalism and providing a clear roadmap for potential clients, White Oak Homes is well-equipped to continue its success in crafting exceptional, modern residences for years to come.

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