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Options Unlimited Inc., a local non-profit organization, approached us with a unique challenge. Their mission, helping individuals with disabilities find and maintain employment, required a logo that not only showcased their compassionate work but also maintained a professional image to engage potential partners and donors.


  1. Balancing Compassion with Professionalism: Non-profits often face the challenge of representing their mission in a visually compelling way while still exuding professionalism. Striking this balance was crucial for Options Unlimited Inc.
  2. Clarity of Purpose: Clearly communicating the organization’s core mission and services was paramount. The logo needed to convey their commitment to empowering individuals with disabilities.


Understanding the significance of Options Unlimited Inc.’s mission, we embarked on a collaborative design process. Through workshops and consultations, we gained insight into the organization’s values, the nature of their work, and the aspirations they had for the logo.

The resulting design combines elements of accessibility and growth, depicting a stylized path leading towards an open door. This symbolizes opportunities for individuals with disabilities to access meaningful employment. The choice of colors, soft yet vibrant, evokes a sense of inclusivity and positivity. The typography was selected to ensure legibility and maintain a professional tone.


The new logo has become a powerful emblem for Options Unlimited Inc. It effectively communicates their mission to a broader audience while also resonating with potential partners and donors. The organization has received positive feedback for the logo’s clarity and compassion, and it has played a pivotal role in enhancing their visibility within the community.

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