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Alford Farms


Alford Farms, a well-established agricultural business, approached us with a specific request for a logo refresh. They were looking to modernize their visual identity while still paying homage to their rich heritage and longstanding presence in the industry.


  1. Balancing Tradition with Modernity: Alford Farms wanted a logo that would honor their legacy while also reflecting their commitment to innovation and modern agricultural practices.
  2. Maintaining Recognition: The existing logo had become familiar to their clientele, and it was important to retain certain elements that would ensure continuity and recognition.
Alford Farms Logo - OriginalAlford Farms Logo


We embarked on a design process that aimed to modernize the logo while respecting the company’s history and values.

The refreshed logo retains the iconic barn silhouette from the original design, symbolizing the farm’s roots and heritage. However, it introduces cleaner lines, bolder typography, and a refreshed color palette to give the logo a more contemporary and polished look. The choice of earthy tones reflects the natural elements central to Alford Farms’ operations.


The updated logo successfully achieved Alford Farms’ goal of modernizing their visual identity. It strikes a balance between honoring their legacy and signaling their commitment to progress. The refreshed logo has been well-received by clients and partners, and it has played a pivotal role in enhancing Alford Farms’ image in the agricultural industry.

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