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TMG Tile, a local tile installation company, approached us with a specific request for a logo refresh. They were looking for a design that would breathe new life into their existing logo while retaining some of the familiarity that their clients had come to associate with their brand.


  1. Balancing Familiarity with Freshness: TMG Tile wanted to maintain the recognition they had built with their current logo, while also infusing it with a modern and refreshed look.
  2. Reflecting Craftsmanship: As tile installers, it was crucial for the logo to convey a sense of precision, skill, and attention to detail that TMG Tile was known for.
TMG Tile Logo OldTMG Tile Logo New


We embarked on a design process that began with a deep dive into TMG Tile’s current branding and a thorough understanding of their unique selling points.

The refreshed logo retains the core elements of the original design, but with subtle modernizations. The typography was refined for better legibility, and the overall composition was given a cleaner, more contemporary feel. Additionally, we introduced a subtle play of color to add depth and dimension to the logo, while still maintaining a professional and approachable look.


The logo refresh successfully achieved TMG Tile’s goal of breathing new life into their brand. It struck a balance between retaining brand recognition and infusing a fresh, modern energy. The refined logo now effectively communicates TMG Tile’s commitment to craftsmanship and precision, appealing to both existing clients and potential customers.

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