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Project Snapshot

Burden & Co., a business coaching and consulting firm owned by entrepreneur Cortney Burden, approached Ferguson Computers with a request to design a website from the ground up. Cortney wanted her website to reflect her commitment to helping clients succeed in their businesses while also creating brand reputation and brand awareness through the strategic use of colors, fonts, and content messaging.

Our Solution

Our designers were more than happy to take on this project for Cortney and worked hard to create a website that met all of her needs.

Our web design team also focused on creating an engaging experience for visitors that not only highlighted Cortney’s services but also made it easy for potential customers to explore the site and find out more about what Burden & Co can offer them. To accomplish this, we developed a modern website based on an intuitive navigation structure and user-friendly interface design that enabled users to quickly browse through various pages without confusion or difficulty. Additionally, we incorporated high-quality visuals into the page designs in order to help better communicate the message of Burden & Co’s services as well as further establish brand recognition and awareness among viewers.

Throughout the duration of this project, our team remained in close communication with Cortney so that we could make sure all our efforts were meeting her expectations throughout each stage of development. We also regularly provided updates on progress made as well as suggestions on how best to optimize the site during each phase of completion in order to maximize efficiency while still providing top-notch customer service.

In the end, we were able to deliver a modern website design for Burden & Co., complete with aesthetic appeal and functionality optimized for maximum user engagement while still showcasing Cortney’s services effectively so that potential customers can easily find out more about what she can offer them. We are proud of yet another successful project completed here at Ferguson Computers!

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