Alford Farms

Overview Alford Farms, a well-established agricultural business, approached us with a specific request for a logo refresh. They were looking to modernize their visual identity while still paying homage to their rich heritage and longstanding presence in the industry. Needs Solution We embarked on a design process that aimed to modernize the logo while respecting … Read more

Vette City Stingrays

Overview Vette City Stingrays, a local softball team, sought a logo that would not only represent their team spirit and camaraderie but also instill a sense of pride in their players and fans. Needs Solution To address these needs, we approached the logo design process with a focus on capturing the essence of the team’s … Read more

Carriers Concepts LLC

Overview Carriers Concepts LLC, a logistics and transport company, approached us with a specific request for a logo that would mark their new online presence. They were seeking a design that would not only reflect their commitment to innovation but also establish a strong visual presence in the digital realm. Needs Solution We embarked on … Read more

TMG Tile

Overview TMG Tile, a local tile installation company, approached us with a specific request for a logo refresh. They were looking for a design that would breathe new life into their existing logo while retaining some of the familiarity that their clients had come to associate with their brand. Needs Solution We embarked on a … Read more

White Oak Homes

Overview White Oak Homes, a distinguished custom home builder, sought a brand refresh to better align their visual identity with the exquisite craftsmanship and elegance of the homes they construct. Needs Solution We embarked on a comprehensive rebranding process, beginning with a thorough analysis of White Oak Homes’ unique value propositions and the emotions they … Read more

Bending River Cove

Overview Bending River Cove, a hospitality resort with a collection of charming tiny homes available for rent, approached us with a distinctive vision. They wanted a logo that would encapsulate the retro charm and unique experience their properties offered to guests. Needs Solution To bring this vision to life, we embarked on a design process … Read more

Options Unlimited

Overview Options Unlimited Inc., a local non-profit organization, approached us with a unique challenge. Their mission, helping individuals with disabilities find and maintain employment, required a logo that not only showcased their compassionate work but also maintained a professional image to engage potential partners and donors. Needs Solution Understanding the significance of Options Unlimited Inc.’s … Read more

Mudd Legal Group

Overview Mudd Legal Group, a local defense attorney, approached us with a significant challenge. Despite their reputation for excellent legal services, they lacked a distinct visual identity that would set them apart in a competitive legal landscape. They sought a logo that not only conveyed professionalism but also reflected their commitment to justice and advocacy. … Read more